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Jack Balas

Jack Balas, 2011; MONET’S WATER LILIES- AN ARTIST’S OBSESSION (#559) (Muse / Museum Series); watercolor and ink on paper; 15″ x 22.5″

Jack Balas, 2011; IVAN ALBRIGHT: INTO THE WORLD THERE CAME A SOUL CALLED IDA (# 541) (Muse/Museum Series); oil on paper, 23″ x 15″

Jack Balas – one of my favourite contemporary fine artists, paticularly inspired by his representation of male figures, and his use of typographic elements. Having spoken to him, can also say he’s a genuinely nice man, and his ideas behind masculinity are really inspiring. Find more of his work here:


Ron Thompson – Stop Breathing

Just came across designer and illustrator Ron Thompson – he has a stunning portfolio. Great diversity from personal illustrations to corporate branding and advertising, to fantastic typography.

Check out his work here:

Turner Prize 2011

Channel 4 Turner Prize 2011 Advert, directed by Why Not Associates and Brian Harrington.


Another figure drawing collage on found papers.

Asian Art Museum Branding – Wolff Olins

This is one of my personal favourite recent pieces of branding by the Wolff Olins design team. While it is minimal and striking as most iconic identity is nowadays, it caters to the need for reinvention and variation that a lot of solid minimal logo designs especially lack. Throughout aesthetic variation (crucial for a museum that hosts a huge variety of Asian art styles), the design is still iconic, and retains its bold concept;

“The concept behind the upside down A is the desire to engage all in the museum’s activities, in mathematics an upside down A denotes “for all.” The new logo didn’t get caught up in the typical Asian clichés but kept it open to embrace the Asian-ness through it’s A which is thick enough to hold imagery such as artifacts from a collection.” – (

I also really admire the fact it does not conform to cultural stereotypes – which often form the default for many designer approaches.

Aperture Science

Aperture Sceince themed Periodic Table that I designed for my Sciencey, Portal geek mate ^^ If you don’t know what Aperture Science is, search it. It’s awesome.

“(Don’t)”, “Fly” and “Take”

Series of paintings  based on concepts behind masculinity, romance and expression of emotion. (dye and acrylic on canvas)

Media Sprog Logo

Two logo concepts for one of my favourite recent briefs, created in Illustrator.


Another figure drawing collage, exploring textures, surfaces and compositions for illustration.

Drawing with mirrors

Created these and numerous other images by experimenting with mirrors, light and a scanner.