Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bamboo – Eye

At the risk of being incredibly generic, I decided to practice some more with my bamboo by painting an eye. Really starting to love this. Really proud of the iris. (Which I clearly spent most of my time on)


Unseen Gaza – Why Not Associates

“Unseen Gaza” promo for Channel 4 by Why Not Associates – Was watching this again and just had to post it; once again Why Not Associates prove their fantastic creativity and innovation. (Is that a word?) The concept is inspiring, and the execution is flawless and clear.

Buy me I’ll change your life

“Buy Me I’ll Change Your Life” – one of the slogans used a number of years ago by Selfridges, in promotion of a sale. The promotional material is, unsurprisingly, the work of Barbara Kruger, in collaboration with advertising agency Mother. The irony of her consumerism-undermining work being used in promotion of the “high temple of consumerism” is clear, but is their hypocrisy? And if so, is it within Kruger, Selfridges, or both? On the other hand, it can’t be denied how perfect a context Kruger has had the opportunity to utilise for her work – and regardless of their questionable morality, Selfridges (with help, of course) created one of the most interesting advertising schemes I’ve seen from any retailer.

My new Bamboo

So, I got a Wacom bamboo drawing tablet for Christmas, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Pretty proud of my first attempt at a proper drawing with it!

Mr Gay Oz Logo

Two updated colour variations of my logo design for Australia’s Mr Gay Oz competition.

The Press: Get Your Priorities Right.

Simple piece by me on an article that I found disgusting. (And, of course, partly inspired by Barbara Kruger)

Smash Atom Software Branding Concept

A number of concepts I created for the branding of an app software company – “Smash Atom” (the logo inspired by a combination of diagram representations of atoms and particles, and a smashed glass effect.

John Stezaker

Just come across the fantastic collage artist John Stezaker, after feeling the need to research the cover of the book I was reading on Appropriation. His understanding and visually intellectual use of the form of collage is really evident and striking – and the quite minimal (I hate how often that word is used, but it’s definitely relevant) appraoch to collage is a really nice contrast to what the form generally suggests.

“John Stezaker: My mother has always been horrified at how my work emerged out of childhood vandalism. I was into it from the beginning, seemingly. I cut up and defaced books, and was regarded as very naughty for doing it. I do still feel that guilt, there is something very peculiar about taking a scalpel which was invented for surgical purposes and cutting across the emulsion of a photograph. I don’t know why I felt it was necessary. It shocks me sometimes how violent my early work was. But you can only get a feeling of the inviolable purity and sanctity of the emulsion of a photograph by violating it.” Interview here:

One day CD project: R10

The final outcome of a secret santa project to design and create packaging for a CD of our top ten songs (hence the title: R10) 🙂


Fantastic typographic playing card designs by Ryan Myers at UD+M, striking and minimal, and disregarding the conventional mirrored aesthetic of playing cards. Josef Müller-Brockmann loves them too: