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Designer: Thomas Østerhus

Another contemporary designer I’ve come across for inspiration –  Thomas Østerhus, a norwegian graphic designer (portfolio here – definitely worth checking out just for the welcome image, even.) Really nice typographic work – some great aesthetics, and some really powerful concepts as well – I’m not entirely sure why, but I was a little captivated by the “word of mouth” piece, as well as “form”. Some really nice branding/identity for Bella Centre as well – like the less fixed use of the arrow logo image, used across different forms and combined with photography (but without the London 2012 logo/MTV logo changing logo-fill cliche)

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Designer: Chris Bolton.

Another fantastic design portfolio that has inspired me recently – work by Chris Bolton (website here). Really great combination of some more conceptual work including “Truly”, a fantastic exhibition design, and a mix of quite corporate and small time design projects – with a really pleasing aesthetic style. I especially really like the range of CD packaging designs, with some sometimes quite abstract and experimental visuals (a nice change from the mainsteam-pop convention of images of the artist dominating packaging and seeming to distract from what the music’s really about) – “Aeroplane”, with the combination of quite abstract, atmospheric watercolour/dye colours, and minimal but beautiful type – love work that uses the best of physical and digital elements.

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Reflections #3

A cover/poster design concept I made for my next (planned) experimental film, Reflections #3 – inspired by the idea of distorted reflections of reality, and representions in different media from fashion photography and mainstream film to pornography, that affect our own views of ourselves, image, relationships and sex – and influence our obsessions with “beauty”, romanticized relationships and manafactured sex. This idea first inspired me to experiment with scanning mirrors – in creating the abstract, fragmented image that I decided to use as the dominant image, with the red-shard motif something I hoped to carry on into the mise-en-scene and framing of the film. Definitely one of my favourite cover designs 🙂

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What Are You Really Being Sold?

Another final piece for my project on Pants – the brief being to research and protest the item/theme we were given (mine being Pants) – this concept was a development of pieces revealing the questionable ideas that underwear packaging and advertising promote (through the focus on half naked, sexualised, visually “perfect” models and celebrities), this piece moving from 2D designs imitating advertising formats, predominantly posters/billboards, in appropriating and subverting actual underwear packaging.

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Photographic and typographic experimentations developed from the theme of place – these pieces considering the importance of home and belonging, from a less literal, physical and more emotive and ethereal perspective.

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Designer: Mika Mäkinen

Really love the work of Mika Mäkinen (Art Director at the Great Apes Ltd) – At times feeling both digital and handcrafted textured (absolutely love the creased paper in “Lake”), and with a feel of both graphic design and illustration through fantastic, quirky collages and textures, and considered colour, compositions and typography. Especially love the surreal mixture of collaged photography (from modern to quite vintage-looking images) and digitised images. Definitely worth checking out his portfolio here.

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Two experimental photographic/typographic spreads developing the concept and aesthetic of my book project – looking at how light, colour and pattern can be more dominant than the physical structure of place in creating atmosphere in the experience of a place.

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We Are Here.

This is the final piece for my uni book project on “place” – this piece inspired by the idea of capturing the visual atmosphere, emotion and experience of being within a place – rather than a conventional, structural or informational record of physical space. By slowly reducing and abstracting form within place, focusing instead on pattern, colour and light, the open narrative suggests an appreciation of being and experiencing a place – rather than considering place as a physical space we have been in.

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Magazine Deconstruction.

A little book I made as part of a task on deconstructing and remaking books, this one made from an Asos magazine, from which I cut cubes to rearrange and re-combine to create different, interesting small compositions of text and image, in an unconventional concertina-format. Really love flicking through all the little, abstracted articles and adverts – quite a collaged feel which is quite inspiring in terms of composition.

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Rob Brearley

Have currently become a little obsessed with the graphic design of Rob Brearley (Portfolio here) – especially some fantastic branding projects, taking the idea of branding beyond a logo and across print design, textiles, advertising, exhibition and even interiors. Some really creative and striking designs, and some bold concepts. And that abstracted book design is stunning – definitely inspiring me a little for my own book project.