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Kylie – White Diamond

Have just started a new project inspired by those song lyric + photo pieces of design that are pretty common online. These pieces were firstly inspired by “White Diamond” – an unreleased ballad track by Kylie – which I decided would be the perfect title track to an alternative Kylie album of ballads, from album, b-side and unreleased tracks to reworked hits such as “I believe in you”.  To develop this idea as a design project I started experimenting with imagery and typography, which I hope to expand into packaging and promotion design for my “White Diamond” album concept.

The photo used is from an exclusive poster of Kylie from inside the “White Diamond” documentary DVD, which I photographed using shards of mirror to create an abstracted, fragmented diamond-like image, complimenting the similarly style “White Diamond” text used on the DVD. As well as my own minimal diamond logo concept, I started designing typographic elements using lyrics from different tracks, the “I believe in you” type based on a found font, which I experimented with decoratively by hand then re-created digitally – one of my first developed attempts at hand-drawn decorative typography made digital, which I’m actually pretty proud of (however much my hand aches from incessant pen clicking in illustrator).

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Designer: Super Serge

Thank you to Emily (fantastic blog here) for introducing me to this great designer; Thomas Girault – whose CSS Award-winning portfolio website you should definitely check out here. His work is a  mix of photography, digital illustration, bright colours, patterns and text – creating some stunning compositions and visuals that feel both incredibly abstract and modern, while at the same time quite retro and aged through the black and white photography and textured backgrounds. I would absolutely love to see some large prints of his work.

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Reflections #3

A cover/poster design concept I made for my next (planned) experimental film, Reflections #3 – inspired by the idea of distorted reflections of reality, and representions in different media from fashion photography and mainstream film to pornography, that affect our own views of ourselves, image, relationships and sex – and influence our obsessions with “beauty”, romanticized relationships and manafactured sex. This idea first inspired me to experiment with scanning mirrors – in creating the abstract, fragmented image that I decided to use as the dominant image, with the red-shard motif something I hoped to carry on into the mise-en-scene and framing of the film. Definitely one of my favourite cover designs 🙂

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Designer: Mika Mäkinen

Really love the work of Mika Mäkinen (Art Director at the Great Apes Ltd) – At times feeling both digital and handcrafted textured (absolutely love the creased paper in “Lake”), and with a feel of both graphic design and illustration through fantastic, quirky collages and textures, and considered colour, compositions and typography. Especially love the surreal mixture of collaged photography (from modern to quite vintage-looking images) and digitised images. Definitely worth checking out his portfolio here.

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Two experimental photographic/typographic spreads developing the concept and aesthetic of my book project – looking at how light, colour and pattern can be more dominant than the physical structure of place in creating atmosphere in the experience of a place.

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Luca Finotti

Just found this fantastic fashion video director/editor, Luca Finotti. This is one of his videos starring Sebastian Sauve for EY! Magateen. Absolutely love the fragmented, abstracted colours, rhythm and images – enthralling and quite experimental. The bold graphic images/motifs – circles especially, work really well – and could even be integrated into some kind of print design, still photography or branding.

Definitely worth checking out his portfolio here.

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Teal/Indigo Concept Painting

Thought I’d relive my “childhood” a bit and do a quick digital painting of a fire starter Pokémon I designed for my games Teal and Indigo. I’m not sure whether she/he had a name, but it’s a wax turtle 🙂 (Background image doesn’t belong to me)

Digital Portrait

Been practicing some more with my tablet in between work and Uni projects – this is my first attempt at a whole face portrait (B&W though – wasn’t quite ready to throw myself into skin tones) Actually rather proud of this. Like the unfinished, evident digital “brushstroke” style – and the colour pallette along side it.

Bamboo – Eye

At the risk of being incredibly generic, I decided to practice some more with my bamboo by painting an eye. Really starting to love this. Really proud of the iris. (Which I clearly spent most of my time on)