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Designer: Mika Mäkinen

Really love the work of Mika Mäkinen (Art Director at the Great Apes Ltd) – At times feeling both digital and handcrafted textured (absolutely love the creased paper in “Lake”), and with a feel of both graphic design and illustration through fantastic, quirky collages and textures, and considered colour, compositions and typography. Especially love the surreal mixture of collaged photography (from modern to quite vintage-looking images) and digitised images. Definitely worth checking out his portfolio here.

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Digital Portrait

Been practicing some more with my tablet in between work and Uni projects – this is my first attempt at a whole face portrait (B&W though – wasn’t quite ready to throw myself into skin tones) Actually rather proud of this. Like the unfinished, evident digital “brushstroke” style – and the colour pallette along side it.

My new Bamboo

So, I got a Wacom bamboo drawing tablet for Christmas, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Pretty proud of my first attempt at a proper drawing with it!

Tina Berning

Was introduced to this fantastic illustrator’s work today in Life Drawing class – beautifully textured, sometimes collaged figure and portrait illustrations – great use of varying media across ink, dye, graphite, guache and no doubt more.

Check out her site:

Urban Illustration

Two double page spread concepts for an Illustration project on City life, combination of physical and digital media.

Manuel Rebollo

Just came across this fantastic illustrator. Stunning work – love the textures and varied use of media. The typographic elements are great too – especially were they’re clearly handdrawn, and feel combined wit the drawings themselved – absolutely love the text in “Like A Hurricane”

Check out more of Manuel Rebollo’s work here:

Nobody Here Gives A Damn.

Another more developed piece for my Illustration project on urban life. (Marker pen on acetate, found paper, and digital vector artwork & text)

Jessie Douglas

Just come across this great urban illustrator. Stunning digital work over drawings – and an awesome sketchbook too. Some quite nice little details refercing consumerism and commercialism. Definite feel of something sinister under the quite simplistic aesthetic, and the minimal colour scheme. And some quite commercial stuff too – she created a Renault advert, and I’m not entirely sure yet whether the Adidas-referencing piece was some kind of commission.

Check out her blog here:

Urban Illustration

Series of experimental Illustration pieces inspired by life on city streets, and the anonymity of its inhabitants.


Another figure drawing collage on found papers.