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My new Bamboo

So, I got a Wacom bamboo drawing tablet for Christmas, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Pretty proud of my first attempt at a proper drawing with it!


Tina Berning

Was introduced to this fantastic illustrator’s work today in Life Drawing class – beautifully textured, sometimes collaged figure and portrait illustrations – great use of varying media across ink, dye, graphite, guache and no doubt more.

Check out her site:

Manuel Rebollo

Just came across this fantastic illustrator. Stunning work – love the textures and varied use of media. The typographic elements are great too – especially were they’re clearly handdrawn, and feel combined wit the drawings themselved – absolutely love the text in “Like A Hurricane”

Check out more of Manuel Rebollo’s work here:

Urban Illustration

Series of experimental Illustration pieces inspired by life on city streets, and the anonymity of its inhabitants.

Jack Balas

Jack Balas, 2011; MONET’S WATER LILIES- AN ARTIST’S OBSESSION (#559) (Muse / Museum Series); watercolor and ink on paper; 15″ x 22.5″

Jack Balas, 2011; IVAN ALBRIGHT: INTO THE WORLD THERE CAME A SOUL CALLED IDA (# 541) (Muse/Museum Series); oil on paper, 23″ x 15″

Jack Balas – one of my favourite contemporary fine artists, paticularly inspired by his representation of male figures, and his use of typographic elements. Having spoken to him, can also say he’s a genuinely nice man, and his ideas behind masculinity are really inspiring. Find more of his work here:


Another figure drawing collage on found papers.

“(Don’t)”, “Fly” and “Take”

Series of paintingsĀ  based on concepts behind masculinity, romance and expression of emotion. (dye and acrylic on canvas)


Another figure drawing collage, exploring textures, surfaces and compositions for illustration.

David Foldvari

Just come across this fantastic Illustrator. Quite surreal, dark imagery distorting the meaning of portraits. Love the mix of textures and media too – the combination of biro and dye here work really well, the slightly red black ink with the single strip of red dye.

“David’s work is bold, darkly humorous and often political in tone, his considered and energetic draftsmanship having led to a prolific output both personally and commercially. Some of his previous clients include the New York Times, Greenpeace, Random House, Penguin Books, Dazed & Confused and Island Records. In 2007 he earned a D&AD award for involvement on Nike Run London and for his input on Beck’s The Information.” – (

Check out more of his work:


A requested dye & graphite Marilyn Monroe portrait by me. May be the start of an “inspirational icons” series.