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Designer: Thomas Østerhus

Another contemporary designer I’ve come across for inspiration –  Thomas Østerhus, a norwegian graphic designer (portfolio here – definitely worth checking out just for the welcome image, even.) Really nice typographic work – some great aesthetics, and some really powerful concepts as well – I’m not entirely sure why, but I was a little captivated by the “word of mouth” piece, as well as “form”. Some really nice branding/identity for Bella Centre as well – like the less fixed use of the arrow logo image, used across different forms and combined with photography (but without the London 2012 logo/MTV logo changing logo-fill cliche)

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We Are Here.

This is the final piece for my uni book project on “place” – this piece inspired by the idea of capturing the visual atmosphere, emotion and experience of being within a place – rather than a conventional, structural or informational record of physical space. By slowly reducing and abstracting form within place, focusing instead on pattern, colour and light, the open narrative suggests an appreciation of being and experiencing a place – rather than considering place as a physical space we have been in.

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