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Designer: Thomas Østerhus

Another contemporary designer I’ve come across for inspiration –  Thomas Østerhus, a norwegian graphic designer (portfolio here – definitely worth checking out just for the welcome image, even.) Really nice typographic work – some great aesthetics, and some really powerful concepts as well – I’m not entirely sure why, but I was a little captivated by the “word of mouth” piece, as well as “form”. Some really nice branding/identity for Bella Centre as well – like the less fixed use of the arrow logo image, used across different forms and combined with photography (but without the London 2012 logo/MTV logo changing logo-fill cliche)

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Designer: Chris Bolton.

Another fantastic design portfolio that has inspired me recently – work by Chris Bolton (website here). Really great combination of some more conceptual work including “Truly”, a fantastic exhibition design, and a mix of quite corporate and small time design projects – with a really pleasing aesthetic style. I especially really like the range of CD packaging designs, with some sometimes quite abstract and experimental visuals (a nice change from the mainsteam-pop convention of images of the artist dominating packaging and seeming to distract from what the music’s really about) – “Aeroplane”, with the combination of quite abstract, atmospheric watercolour/dye colours, and minimal but beautiful type – love work that uses the best of physical and digital elements.

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What Are You Really Being Sold?

Another final piece for my project on Pants – the brief being to research and protest the item/theme we were given (mine being Pants) – this concept was a development of pieces revealing the questionable ideas that underwear packaging and advertising promote (through the focus on half naked, sexualised, visually “perfect” models and celebrities), this piece moving from 2D designs imitating advertising formats, predominantly posters/billboards, in appropriating and subverting actual underwear packaging.

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One day CD project: R10

The final outcome of a secret santa project to design and create packaging for a CD of our top ten songs (hence the title: R10) 🙂

Ron Thompson – Stop Breathing

Just came across designer and illustrator Ron Thompson – he has a stunning portfolio. Great diversity from personal illustrations to corporate branding and advertising, to fantastic typography.

Check out his work here:

Asian Art Museum Branding – Wolff Olins

This is one of my personal favourite recent pieces of branding by the Wolff Olins design team. While it is minimal and striking as most iconic identity is nowadays, it caters to the need for reinvention and variation that a lot of solid minimal logo designs especially lack. Throughout aesthetic variation (crucial for a museum that hosts a huge variety of Asian art styles), the design is still iconic, and retains its bold concept;

“The concept behind the upside down A is the desire to engage all in the museum’s activities, in mathematics an upside down A denotes “for all.” The new logo didn’t get caught up in the typical Asian clichés but kept it open to embrace the Asian-ness through it’s A which is thick enough to hold imagery such as artifacts from a collection.” – (

I also really admire the fact it does not conform to cultural stereotypes – which often form the default for many designer approaches.