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Categorising People – Exhibition concept

So this is part of the concept for my exhibition/campaign piece on categorising and labelling people – developed from my final major project theme on stereotypes. Inspired by the use of categorising and stereotyping in graphic design and advertising (from toilet gender symbols to Lynx adverts), I decided to question the process of categorising other people, and even ourselves, and how such a process could be considered to undermine identity as far as it attempts to create it.

The first exhibition piece was inspired by the type stamping/printing process that the term “stereotype” originates from, questioning the application of name labels to people, and confronting the viewer with the idea of labelling themselves (the centre image will be a mirror). The last two designs were inspired by tick-boxes and drop-down-list forms that deconstruct our identities, intended to be more subjective, questioning and interactive – created as a hand-out postcard format.

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Designer: Chris Bolton.

Another fantastic design portfolio that has inspired me recently – work by Chris Bolton (website here). Really great combination of some more conceptual work including “Truly”, a fantastic exhibition design, and a mix of quite corporate and small time design projects – with a really pleasing aesthetic style. I especially really like the range of CD packaging designs, with some sometimes quite abstract and experimental visuals (a nice change from the mainsteam-pop convention of images of the artist dominating packaging and seeming to distract from what the music’s really about) – “Aeroplane”, with the combination of quite abstract, atmospheric watercolour/dye colours, and minimal but beautiful type – love work that uses the best of physical and digital elements.

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Rob Brearley

Have currently become a little obsessed with the graphic design of Rob Brearley (Portfolio here) – especially some fantastic branding projects, taking the idea of branding beyond a logo and across print design, textiles, advertising, exhibition and even interiors. Some really creative and striking designs, and some bold concepts. And that abstracted book design is stunning – definitely inspiring me a little for my own book project.

Urban Typography

Just found this stunning letter-form alphabet. Really speaks for itself.

See this one and more here:

I want to draw. I don’t want to write.

Digital typographic installation piece – superimposing quotes and heard conversations onto space.

This is a quote from another Visual Communication student, superimposed onto the New Museum of Contemporary Arts in NYC.

V&A Postmodernism

Grace Jones in a maternity dress designed by Jean-Paul Goude and Antonio Lopez, (1979 © Jean-Paul Goude),  one of the main pieces at the Postmodernist exhibition at the V&A, an inspirational collection of juxtaposed, convention-smashing works across art, design, fashion, sculpture, film and photography. Depicted as a reaction against the “utopian visions” of modernism, it is possibly the most controversial of all art eras, and defies definition. (The majority of students who went there with me found it difficult to describe, and it is also one of the only art movements to explicity define itself as a rejection of the previous era, modernism)

Yet, the quite aggressive rejection of the previous era, and concepts of consumerism and the popular, brought about its undoing – ironically, attempting to be outside of the conventional became the norm for popular and consumer culture. Even today, Lady Gaga’s style reflects the same irony: after intentionally rejecting the norm (gender conventions/stereotypes especially) so many musicians are starting to do the same.


Observed letter forms for graphics inspiration. Z is definitely my favourite, and most creative.

I Am Woman.

Urban environment typographic experimentation for Vis Com.

Inspired by Barbara Kruger, lyric from Celine Dion.