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Tina Berning

Was introduced to this fantastic illustrator’s work today in Life Drawing class – beautifully textured, sometimes collaged figure and portrait illustrations – great use of varying media across ink, dye, graphite, guache and no doubt more.

Check out her site:


“(Don’t)”, “Fly” and “Take”

Series of paintings  based on concepts behind masculinity, romance and expression of emotion. (dye and acrylic on canvas)


A requested dye & graphite Marilyn Monroe portrait by me. May be the start of an “inspirational icons” series.


“Ascend” by UK based graphic designer and artist Craww.

Stunning, ethereal illustrative pieces, the use of different media – evident pencil drawing, and paint/dye/watercolour – creating quite a dreamy, airy feel.

Girls with large, expressive hands and sad looks seem quite disturbing for your every day images, the sort that you might think twice about plastering on your wall. The best way to describe Craww’s work is to say that it is simultaneously beautiful and haunting. He uses a variety of different mediums including pencil, paint and spilt ink. The girls in the images tend to take tragic poses and look utterly tormented.
UK-based graphic designer and artist Craww is interested in the ambiguity of images. When you take a closer look at his work it is interesting to see that there is a consistency thoughout the collection of paintings. In almost all of them there are some clearly visible crows. The collection of dark graphics seems, quite bizarrely, to be a good fit for one’s home or studio wall, which is why he formed a team with self-adhesive surface graphics company, Blik. It is now possible to have your own dark, yet amazing, ornamental Craww design decorating your wall.” – (

Blue on male nudes.

New figure drawing collage inspired by magazine male figures.

Figures & dye.

Figure drawing & dye collage, part of a collection of developing figure drawings by me.

Renato Alarcão

Stunning sketchbooks from Renato Alarcão – prominently a children’s book illustrator from Brazil. Great inspiration for presenting rough ideas and designs.

See more of his work here:

“[Zupi] It’s possible to notice a wide diversity in your illustration and your work, sometimes realistic, sometimes characterized, not to mention your composition methods. The artist should have this range of options to create?

There are all kinds of artists: there are those who remain constant throughout his work, always reinforcing the identification of his style, as well as those who see every job as an opportunity to try something different, something he’s never done before. The first kind ends up creating himself a visual signature. And if it’s good, it may also be copied. Particularly, I create different styles in order to actuate in diverse markets, besides books, magazines, newspapers, products and ads. Today I find opportunities to apply the most diverse styles on each project, like the three ads from Nextel’s campaign, published on Zupi.” – (


Simon Birch

Just discovered Simon Birch – a fine artist who uses paint with quite a grungy, graphic feel, prominent, sharp palette knife/ brushstrokes and bold compositions with areas of block colours and cut-out, collage-feel techniques.

“Simon Birch is a young Hong Kong artist who has made an impact with his energy and vision.  Apart from his critically-acclaimed, dramatic paintings, he has also produced large-scale installations.  Birch’s collaboration with leading artists in Asia has resulted in successful exhibitions of which his role has been both as artist and curator.

Born in the UK in 1969, Birch began painting at a very early age with no formal training until his recent Masters in Fine Arts with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  He has pursued a versatile career, which inc
ludes design, music and martial arts.  Being a well known DJ in Asia, a third Dan Kendo practitioner as well as a graffiti artist, Birch incorporates a vibrant career of young urban culture in Asia. He has been a resident in Hong Kong since 1997.” – (

Work by Ian Francis – Another great example of abstracted figure painting, with an almost graphic, shattered feel to the background.

“Ian Francis was born in 1979 in Bristol, England, and graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in Illustration. His work concentrates on the particulars of modern experiences things like television, world events, celebrities, and day-to-day living. He held his first US solo show at BLK/MRKT in 2007.”

“Ian Francis’ hyper-intelligent, multi-layered, work is intricate in form and content. It’s effortlessly uncomfortable whilst at the same time dramatically appealing; seemingly parochial yet peppered with pan-national references. Figures in intimate situations are illuminated by far-reaching backdrops. Mainstream motifs play out complex, open-ended scenes made with the ultra-modern methods of graphic art pioneers Bill Sienkiewicz and Dave McKean.

Francis himself says his work is “about pornography and news reports from warzones rather than sex and death”, echoing the atomized and hedonistic nature of modern everyday life. He has repeated that his work is “about celebrity”, but equally it concerns a lack of it. However, for all this the human spirit cannot be dulled and remains a force; hope, pleasure, laughter and love remain. Ian Francis is one of several Lazarides artists originating from the West Country of England.” – (