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Categorising People – Exhibition concept

So this is part of the concept for my exhibition/campaign piece on categorising and labelling people – developed from my final major project theme on stereotypes. Inspired by the use of categorising and stereotyping in graphic design and advertising (from toilet gender symbols to Lynx adverts), I decided to question the process of categorising other people, and even ourselves, and how such a process could be considered to undermine identity as far as it attempts to create it.

The first exhibition piece was inspired by the type stamping/printing process that the term “stereotype” originates from, questioning the application of name labels to people, and confronting the viewer with the idea of labelling themselves (the centre image will be a mirror). The last two designs were inspired by tick-boxes and drop-down-list forms that deconstruct our identities, intended to be more subjective, questioning and interactive – created as a hand-out postcard format.

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Minus18 Campaign: Another Perspective

These posters by Minus18, Australia’s largest LGBT teen support network,  intended to tackle different attitudes within the realm of homophobia. The message is bold, and communicated perfectly through the use of almost purely text. They challenge certain views perfectly (the idea of “flaunting it” I think is paticularly notable) and I really hope they get the kind of acknowledgement Stonewall’s “Some People Are Gay…” campaign had – as these are at least as powerful.

You can grab hold of these designs and more to print here.

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“La Capote Protege Du SIDA”

Just found these fantastic posters promoting the use of condoms (la capote) – the main text stating that they protect from AIDS, and the text beneath stating the person’s name and number of condoms used. (Hence the fantastically excited young, cute man in the first poster – definitely suggesting the use of condoms is healthy and youthful. But I also really admire the use of the older man – being happy, healthy and having had/still having a healthy sexual life isn’t something often applied to those of a more mature age.

Found it at this great lgbt/media themed blog:

Created by the French agency FullSIX

Mr Gay Oz Logo

Two updated colour variations of my logo design for Australia’s Mr Gay Oz competition.

Gender & Sexuality Stereotypes

Two posters I created around gender and sexuality stereotypes.

Mr. Gay Oz Logo Design

A couple of logo designs I created for a project by the world’s leading Gay “Beauty Pageant”

GSA Branding

My logo and booklet design for my previous college’s LGBT-Support Gay-Straight Alliance, which I previously ran.

I’m happy to create designs for any similar groups looking for branding and advertising. (Check out my contact page)


Another poster concept, this time based on ideas of stereotypes and diversity.