R. De Vine – University for the Creative Arts 2012 –


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mar! says:

    Hey guys!!! greetings from Mexico.

    I liked your blog and I’m happy had found it.
    My doubt is if you may let me use some of your pictures. I want to make a presentation and use some of your images for print and other stuff.

    If there is any problem, just let me know and I won’t use the pictures. For your answer and time, really thanks. I’ll be waiting your mail on Thanks (:

    • devinerart says:


      Thanks for the enquiry. Which images were you referring to? Many images of other designers’ and artists’ work do not belong to me.

      R. De Vine

      • Mar! says:

        Oh! Thanks for your reply.

        Well, let me just find them all and I’ll let you know as soon as possible. Really thanks and I hope you can help me (us).

  2. William says:

    Hello! I’m an A-Level student and the topic I’m studying is public issues and stereotypes. While searching for a few artists to study I came across you’re unique work and I found it extremely intelligent how the text covers the face of the identity behind. I decided to use your work and yourself as someone to study their work. I wondered if it would be possible to get some information about your background and why this topic interests you, any other information would be appreciated as well! Thank you!

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